DJ Khaled shows off his lavish lifestyle, continues to own a Global 7500 “One Day,” flies with Fɑt Joe to Hollywood

DJ Khaled shows off his lavish lifestyle, continues to own a Global 7500 “One Day,” flies with Fɑt Joe to Hollywood!

Prepare to be dazzled by the opulent world of DJ Khaled. This iconic DJ doesn’t just achieve greatness; he showcases it for the world to see. Recently, he received his well-deserved Hollywood Walk of Fаme star, and the journey there was nothing short of lavish. DJ Khaled, accompanied by his close friend Fаt Joe, took to the skies in a Bombardier Global 7500, and it’s clear that he’s fallen head over heels for this aircraft.

DJ Khaled is no stranger to flaunting his wealth. With a net worth of $75 million, he has worked tirelessly to attain his position and is proud to show off the fruits of his labor. Whether he’s cruising around in his Maybach 62 Landaulet or giving us a glimpse of his luxurious Miami Beach mansion formerly owned by Robbie Williams, DJ Khaled leaves no stone unturned in displaying his affluence.

However, his recent infatuation is private jets, and he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about them. In a flurry of social media posts, DJ Khaled revealed his journey to Hollywood alongside Fаt Joe, aboard the Bombardier Global 7500, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Pictures and videos were shared, capturing the moments right outside the plane before they embarked on their adventure. DJ Khaled’s excitement was palpable as he wrote, “I’m going to own one of these beauties one day, inshallah. Global 7500,” tagging the company.

What makes Bombardier’s Global 7500 so captivating to DJ Khaled? This aircraft boasts the title of the world’s largest and longest-range business jet. With its luxurious amenities and comfort, it’s no wonder he’s smitten. Powered by GE Passport engines, it boasts an impressive range of 7,700 nautical miles and a top speed of 0.925 Mach. Inside, you’ll find a full-sized kitchen and four spacious living areas, providing ample room for up to 19 passengers, depending on the configuration.

The Global 7500 used for this star-studded journey featured light brown leather chairs and was graced by the presence of DJ Khaled’s wife, Nicole Tuck, and their children. Naturally, a “We The Best” carpet, DJ Khaled’s signature catchphrase, adorned the airstairs, creating a fitting entrance for the star.

The purpose of their flight? To celebrate DJ Khaled’s well-deserved star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fаme. He joins an illustrious list of industry giants, such as Fаt Joe, Diddy, and Jay-Z, who have also received this prestigious honor.