Rick Ross owns a supercar Hummer H1 with a military exterior design, while the interior boasts seats upholstered in luxurious Louis Vuitton leather

Rick Ross, a prominent figure in the music industry and a symbol of opulence, is not only known for his kilos of jewels and numerous high-end spirit endorsements but also for his profound passion for automobiles. As the founder of Maybach Music Group, he has become synonymous with luxury living, and his extensive car collection exemplifies this lifestyle.

With an alleged ownership of over 100 vehicles, including multiple Maybachs, Rick Ross showcases a genuine appreciation for American cars. One of his recent acquisitions is a heavily customized Hummer H1, featuring elevated suspension, large wheels, a camo paint job, and seats adorned with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram print.

The sheer size of the Hummer complements Rick Ross’s towering stature of 1.8 meters, making the vehicle appear even taller, likely close to 2 meters. This height surpasses renowned vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Ford F-Series truck and is equivalent to stacking two Lamborghini Miuras on top of each other.

The customization extends to the enormous wheels, surpassing the largest stock rims that came with a Hummer H1. While factory versions had 22-inch rims, Rick Ross opted for aftermarket wheels, likely 24 inches or larger. Finding off-road-capable tires for such sizable rims might be a challenge, but with a car collection exceeding 100, Rick Ross probably has a reliable tire expert on hand.

Ironically, despite the ostentatious nature of Rick Ross’s car collection, the modified Hummer H1 stands out as one of the less flamboyant vehicles in his possession. Other notable rides, such as his two-tone Rolls Royce Wraith, bright red Ferrari 458 Italia, or Chevrolet Impala ‘donk’ featuring Gucci upholstery, arguably attract more attention. It seems that the rapper has a penchant for designer upholstery, adding a unique touch to his impressive fleet.