Anthony Davis is not only skilled on the field but in the kitchen as well, as he helps create delicious and fresh flavors in his collaboration with Ruffles potato chips

On Tuesday in LA, Ruffles unveiled a first-of-its-kind collaboration with an NBA player: Ruffles Lime & Jalapeño by Anthony Davis! The Lakers’ star proved his skills extend beyond the court, helping create this deliciously spicy and fresh chip flavor.

Lakers star Anthony Davis isn’t one to shy away from the media, but during the NBA All-Star break in Chicago, his focus seemed to be on a different kind of interview. While typically comfortable with reporters, Davis (through his publicist) made it clear he was only interested in discussing his new Ruffles potato chip flavor.

Presented with a bag of the lime-and-jalapeno chips on the red carpet, Davis appeared eager to talk about his creation. However, reporters didn’t take the bait, leaving him without the “chip chat” he desired. Unfazed, the Chicago native skipped out on mingling with other celebrities and WNBA players, heading straight for the festivities. It remаins a mystеry whether Ruffles became the topic of conversation at the event.