Jarred Vanderbilt was fiercely called out on social media for allegedly buying $2,000 worth of clothes, wearing them once before a playoff game…and then returning them the next day

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jarred Vanderbilt faces social media backlash for reportedly buying $2,000 worth of clothes, wearing them once before a playoff game, and then returning them the next day.

The 24-year-old, acquired from the Minnesota Timberwolves in February, donned a simple outfit for the Lakers’ Game 1 win against the Golden State Warriors. However, an Instagram post allegedly from a San Francisco-based Saks employee claims Vanderbilt purchased and returned the entire outfit, including a tank top, button-down shirt, pants, and sneakers, after wearing it for the game and post-game activities.

The post sparked criticism, with some fans questioning Vanderbilt’s character and expressing support for the Warriors.  

Despite the controversy, Vanderbilt’s on-court contributions remain noteworthy. Earning $4.4 million annually, he’s been tasked with guarding Golden State’s star player, Stephen Curry. In Game 1, he effectively limited Curry’s shooting to 41%. 

While Curry scored more points in Game 3, the Lakers emerged victorious. Klay Thompson, Curry’s Splash Brother counterpart, proved more pivotal in Game 2, dropping eight three-pointers and 30 points. 

Since joining the Lakers in exchange for Russell Westbrook, Vanderbilt has significantly bolstered their defense. Initially unknown to many fans, he quickly impressed with his unique style of play. He’s effectively guarded some of the league’s best оffensive players, including Luka Doncic and Ja Morant, alongside Curry.

In just a few months, Vanderbilt has transformed from an unknown quantity to a key contributor for a Lakers team with championship aspirations.