Anthony Davis shares that he continues to pursue basketball not only because he loves the game, but also because it inspires passion in his children

After a career-best season in which he played in 76 games and was chosen to the NBA’s Second Team and the All-Defense First Team, Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers is riding high.

Davis ended many speculations over his health and leadership abilities, even though the Lakers did not win the championship. Davis must maintain his 2023–24 level of play and leadership going ahead, especially with LeBron James approaching 40 years of age and entering his 22nd season with the Lakers.
The encouraging thing is that Davis shows no signs of being unprepared. Asking about retirement on the Join the Lobby podcast, the 31-year-old recently discussed his passion of the game and how he will keep playing as long as that is there:

“I love it, I still love it. I want to play long enough where my sons can enjoy it. My daughter is enjoying it, she’s old enough. I want my sons to be able to enjoy it, but most importantly, as long as I keep enjoying the game and keep loving the game, getting excited to go to work, excited to step on the court. I still get like excited, I’m still nervous before every game… I look forward to playoff matchups, I look forward to going on the road and being in other arenas and they’re booing you. That still excites me. Running out into Crypto, the bright lights still amaze me. As long as that’s still there, my passion for the game, and my body, sҺit, I’m gonna keep going until one of them tells my I can’t.”

It is encouraging to note that Davis’s ardor for the game and drive to succeed have not waned after twelve years in the league.

With his nine All-Star appearances, NBA championship, and impending Hall of Fаme status, Davis essentially has no more goals to achieve during his time in the game. His dissatisfaction and desire to return to the top are evident in his three-year deal remaining with the Lakers. Getting back into championship contention will need some effort on the part of the Lakers front office, but a dedication like this from their top player should help.

It is critical that Anthony Davis be associated with the next Lakers coach.
Reportedly, the Lakers consider it crucial that their star big man be aligned with whoever they hire as their new head coach while they Һunt for a new coach.