Nelly gave his girlfriend Ashanti a 9,000 square meter villa after learning that she was pregnant

Nelly, whose true name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., is only want $600,000 for his unoccupied Wildwood, Missouri, estate.

The 46-year-old rapper purchased the house in 2002 with plans to sell it, but it now seems that the project has been shelved.

Nelly, who was reared in the St. Louis area, reportedly planned to remodel the house with the help of a contractor friend, according to TMZ. Rather, no work was ever done on the adjustments that were expected. The house has long been in poor condition.

Right now, the rapper of “Ride with Me” wants to give up on the project and stop losing money. The mansion went up for sale for the first time on Thursday. The house cost an astounding $2,499,000 when Nelly bought it. How much the performer was paid, though, is uncertain.

The 1998 building is just 30 miles from St. Louis and just a short drive from Eureka’s Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Situated on a 12-acre tract of land, the 10,799 square foot residence boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The house has a private basketball court, three car garage, and a valley view of the Meramec River. It provides a ton of area for amusement as well.