Explore Rick Ross’ jaw-dropping supercar collection over 100 cars but he didn’t drive it

Explore Rick Ross’s jaw-dropping supercar collection over 100 cars but he didn’t drive it

While many rappers flaunt their love for cars, Rick Ross takes it to a whole new level with his mind-boggling car collection. The hip-hop mogul’s garage houses an astonishing array of over 100 vehicles that will leave you in awe.

Inside Rick Ross' collection of more than 100 carsWhat’s even more astounding is the fact that he only obtained his driver’s license at the age of 45, under the gentle prodding of his mom and sister. According to the rapper himself, “My mom and my sister pressured me, finally, so I went, took the test…” – a testament to the late-blooming passion he has for these incredible machines.

Rick Ross with his Ferrari 488 SpiderRick Ross’ collection leaves no stone unturned, encompassing a wide spectrum of automotive excellence. From high-octane supercars to iconic American classics, his garage boasts a Maybach, a nod to his label’s name, Maybach Music Group.

Thankfully for car enthusiasts, Rick Ross generously shares glimpses of his awe-inspiring collection on his Instagram, making it easy to fathom the vehicular wonders he possesses. In addition, he annually hosts an extravagant car show at his sprawling 235-acre estate in Atlanta.

Rick Ross with his Mercedes S650 CabrioletLet’s dive into the world of Rick Ross’ remarkable cars. Starting with the cream of the crop, his supercar lineup is nothing short of breathtaking. Among them are the exquisite Ferrari 458 Italia and the sleek 488 Spider. His collection also features a ferocious Lamborghini Murciélago and the luxurious Urus SUV.

Rick Ross with his Rolls Royce PhantomRick Ross isn’t just a connoisseur of Italian craftsmanship; he’s also an aficionado of top-tier British marques, boasting two Bentley models – a Brooklands and a Continental SuperSports – as well as two Rolls Royces, a Wraith and a Phantom.

German engineering is also well-represented in his collection, with the indispensable Maybach 57S and various other Mercedes-Benz models, including a CLS, S650 Cabriolet, and G63 AMG. A BMW 760Li shares the spotlight as well, a nostalgic nod to the older 745Li featured in his iconic “Hustlin’” music video.

Yet, it’s American muscle that clearly holds a special place in Rick Ross’ heart, making up the bulk of his extraordinary collection.